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Stages of a mantle enquiry

Posted on October 15, 2015

Stages of a mantle enquiry

Stages of a mantle enquiry

Mantle of the expert is based upon tasks which carry all the learning. So think of it as all doing things together – teacher as manager of the workforce working for the ‘client’ in collaboration. It is a dramatic convention used for teaching the school curriculum in a humanised yet fictitious context. It is a system which prepares children to take on responsibility gradually through a series of incremental tasks in order to develop and practise areas of expertise. It is a method of teaching and learning which empowers children by creating a context which sets up a collegiate atmosphere. It places children in a position where they place collective interest and responsibility above self-gratification. Roles within a mantle frame are functional and collective and Authenticity of language  and context is an essential ingredient. They no longer want to speak like year 3 pupils, but like a carpenter/a rescue worker et al.


Tasks begin very simply – no matter what the children actually know when they begin the first task will start everyone off with the ‘enterprise’ they will service.


Task 1 – attracts so must be built so all can ‘deal with it’.

Task 2 gains a bit of attention

Task level 3 gains interest in working things out

Level 4 begins engagement with ‘getting things moving’.

Level 5 This then brings about bonding all together because we are getting attached to wanting us as the ‘team’ to be successful in fulfilling the commission. We begin to be ‘really pleased with ourselves’.

Level 6- We begin to be invested in our enterprise and the existence of our client and our workplace.

Level 7 – This introduces concern for our tasks – Everything is now working well and we know our roles.

Level 8 – We become really committed to the work.

Level 9 – We are productively obsessed. This is when parents begin to notice how much their children are ‘full of it’.

And finally – Level 10 – REFLECTION – The whole purpose. What is working to get the commission successfully fulfilled, where have we been? Where are we going? What do we need to alter? What do we need to learn in order to move the commission forward?

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