The Rotherham Township Choir began in October 2015 as a project to celebrate the diversity and unity of Rotherham’s people, bringing light to the shadow cast by so many racist right-wing demonstrations since 2014.

To Join the choir, please come along on Wednesdays at 6:00pm to the OMTC Rehearsal Rooms, Ship Hill, Rotherham S60 2HG

The Choir is made up of adults, young people and children from Rotherham’s schools and, from 2017, will be accompanied by the Rotherham Township Band at major gigs.

Rotherham Township Choir was founded in September 2015 in order to celebrate the unique diversity of its population and the rich mix of cultures that contribute to the whole.

“What sound would you hear if all of Rotherham’s people sang as one?”

Rotherham needs its voice right now.  The Rotherham Township Choir aims to bring together the community of Rotherham to explore and celebrate what it means to be part of this town.  Times have been tough, with racists and bigots descending upon our town to spread their message of hate.  We aim to counteract that atmosphere with one of friendship, peace and understanding – one in which a community heals together and grows together.  It is a time to be proud of our town and its people.  Together, we are strong.

Divided we fall but together we rise.

Why “Township”?

The word ‘Township’ has many meanings around the world, some official and some unofficial.  The common thread of those meanings is ‘an area of land with urban settlement’. In South Africa during Apartheid, ‘townships’ referred to the areas where non-white people lived.  In other colonial places in Africa, it was also used to denote ownership of areas, almost exclusively by white Europeans.  In other areas of the world, it refers to large parishes and groups of villages surrounding a town.  For the Rotherham Township Choir, we intend this meaning: a town and its villages and ALL its people, whilst recognising the history surrounding the use of the word around the world and using that past to forge a new future.