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Posted on November 13, 2015


Last night, at Junior Youth Theatre, we explored 3 stages to personification – bringing inanimate objects to life!

In stage 1, we used pens to create a history for it’s character. Some of the pens were locked away in a cupboard and never used, some were used every day, some were tired out from over use, some were scared of being chucked in the bin!

Stage 2 required us to think about how our history made us feel and what our greatest wishes were. We also had to think about what we enjoyed/didn’t enjoy doing as pens. We began to make our pens more like characters you would find in a play.

The final stage required us to be the voice of the pen to tell it’s life story to the audience.

Students said:

“I found it really fun to create the voice of my old grey pen and tell the audience the history of my life”

“I don’t know why the other pens are scared of the bin – have they ever been there before?”

As an additional task – we asked what it would be like for two pens to talk to each other about their lives in the pen pot. This allowed students to improvise, test out hot seating skills and begin to look into personifying characters in Alice in Wonderland such as the key, the cake and the bottle.


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