Life Act is an Open Minds Theatre Company’s acting company of adults with learning and physical difficulties. We devise performances that explore attitudes towards disability and difference using our own experiences and understanding and tour these to schools, community groups and other venues.

Previous shows have been:

  • The Land of Cos,
  • Prepare for Take Off,
  • Life is a Rollercoaster,
  • Climbing the Matterhorn,
  • Friendship is a Challenge.

Currently, Life Act is touring “Does He Take Sugar?”

Life Act has been supported by the Humber Learning Consortium, the Arts Council and RMBC. It is currently supported by the Peoples Health Trust.

The company is driven by a passionate belief that the arts is something which is essential to all and consequently there is no audition to join the group.

Life Act meets on a Tuesday morning at ROAR Art Space.

When we saw the range of difficulties and disabilities, we did wonder what sort of performance we were in for. We also wondered whether it would be difficult for our pupils to see older, struggling versions of themselves.

Life Act are brilliant and offer so much more than just a performance. It is an opportunity for children in schools to see adults with a wide range of disability as adults with much to give.  It is an opportunity to break down misconceptions, barriers and ultimately prejudice that is born of ignorance. The question and answer session at the end is worth the money alone. A fabulous way to provide a real stimulus of you want children to become well rounded, understanding individuals. We have had the pleasure to experience Life Act for the last two years and will be making it three at the earliest opportunity.

Michael Watson, Deputy Head Teacher
Hunter’s Bar Junior School, Sheffield

The result was extraordinary; the students were gripped and inspired by the quality and discipline of the performance, and many gave them a standing ovation!

Special School Headteacher

A high quality, slick and thought provoking production, inclusive and extremely entertaining and enjoyable.

SMT member, Special School

The response from our students was amazing – all our students were instantly engaged and entertained and most identified with the situations depicted and the actors themselves – no easy task as our students vary significantly in age, need and ability.

Congratulations to all the actors involved.

Special school Deputy