21st to 25th August 2017
9:30am until 12:30pm (Juniors 7-12 yrs)
1:00pm until 4:00pm (Seniors 11-18 yrs)

Open Minds Theatre Company is proud to present week of training in how to be a performing magician.  The academy is open to children and young people aged between 7 and 18 years old.  There are 20 places available for Juniors (7-12 years old) and another 20 for Seniors (11-18 years old).  This course will introduce budding magicians to working with cards and other props to create a range of illusions, with a strong focus on Magic as performance art, leading up to a performance on Friday 25th August.

Magic is a wonderful way to build confidence, co-ordination and dexterity.  A knowledge of magic gives you a way of surprising your friends and becoming the centre of attention at any party or social gathering.  Belonging to that secret community of magicians is a truly special feeling.

Every attendee will receive 15 hours of training and their own genuine magician’s props (with a retail value of over £20), included in the price of the workshops.  The whole package costs just £40 for the whole week.

The academy is open to beginners and intermediate performers.  Everyone is welcome.

For details, contact craig@omtc.org.uk or to book, please fill in the form below.  You will need to fill in a booking form for each child attending.  You can then use the payment option below (coming soon) to pay in advance.  You will need to do this for each child.